In light of the drama and turmoil our country has faced in recent months, I asked Creator as to what brought all this about. This is what I got:

The deeply ingrained beliefs and programs we hold in our core, genetics, and historical programs that ‘we are not enough’ and that ‘there is not enough to go around for all’, is something that has transpired and is playing out in the collective reality. We hold a deep belief in ourselves that we are not good enough, smart enough or capable enough to create our desired life. We wrongly believe that only a specific few can create their chosen lives, and that there isn’t enough for everyone. Meanwhile the energy of pride and victimhood multiplies and spreads- overtaking and shaping our realities. In order for someone to gain something, most believe someone else has to lose. To be seen, someone else must be overshadowed. To feel worthy and significant, someone else needs to be beneath us.

The country’s collective (or the world’s for that matter) struggles to understand and embrace the truth about infinite abundance the universe easily provides.

Where does this limited thinking come from? How does it serve us to think this way? What do we gain deep down from believing that we are not good enough? Are we all just victims of this cruel world? Are we waiting to be rescued? Have someone throw us a life vest? Whose attention are we seeking and not getting?

Since the day we were born, deep down, we’ve always inherently known we are worthy of asking for what we want and expect the universe to provide for us. Our soul knows that. But we are eventually led to think ‘how dare you ask?’ ‘Who do you think you are?’ We silence our voices and become disempowered people that live in the reality of fear.

When we think it’s impossible to create what we want in our lives, how does it serve us to blame our disappointment on others? Who are we angry at? The parents that didn’t comfort, console and nurture us when we cried and felt vulnerable as children? The teachers that didn’t recognize our potential and worth at school? Or is it the Creator that created us? Blaming him for making us a little less attractive, a little skinnier or poorer- a little too much of this and not enough of that…never ever feeling good enough.
Defeat then takes over and creates a new reality in our subconscious, making it our daily habit. A painful existence of not-enough-ness. Life becomes a constant act of surrender and smallness instead of an exciting journey of continuous discovery and creation.

So what if we seek for more? That is also an option.