If you had a magic wand, which problems and challenges would you make disappear? If your wildest dreams came true right now, how openly and fearlessly would you accept them?

Intuitive Coach

I help you remove limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones


I will guide you as you find your own unique voice and ignite your creativity and passion


I will support you through your journey to love and trust yourself on your way to becoming your best version yet

Do you want to know how it feels to live your life unapologetically? With effortless ease and limitless abundance? When you are ready to rediscover your soul’s mission and awaken the light within you, you will find me… and the transformation begins.

Rachel Samuel - An Intuitive Coach in Ethiopia, Africa

Are you ready?

“I love what I do. When you come in for a session, I see you. I see the eternal light in you, and I empower you to live out your full potential in every aspect of your life. We will work on removing your limiting beliefs so you can make space to start creating joyful, empowering, elevating ones.”

Rachel Samuel

Master | Instructor | Intuitive Coach

Current offering & Packages

Who are you and what do you want to experience going forward? When you decide to work with me, we’ll explore what has shaped your life until now. What has been working for you and what you want to live without. We will work on releasing your limitations and creating plans for the next 5-10-20 years of your life. Finally break free from constantly living in survival mode and start consciously creating a life that brings you joy, fulfills you and makes you excited to be alive!

Typical packages include 6-18 sessions-spread out over weekly or bi-monthly meetings of an hour or so. Some areas we will be working on include (but are not limited to) the following.

3 months

6 – 12 sessions

6 months

12 – 18 sessions

Female Empowerment

Do you feel like a strong, independent woman who can have it all? Or do you find yourself shrinking to fit a role that feels like a heavy burden?

Overcome the social restraints and biases placed on you. Know you are safe to be heard, worthy to live your best life and that you are enough. Embrace your divine feminine. Allow fertility to flow and release any limitations, fears, and traumas from your genetic and ancestral lines about giving birth or raising children.

Abundance & success package

What is success to you? Do you have everything you want and deserve in your life? Is the stress of success creating a burden on your health?

Release self-limiting beliefs of giving and receiving and the blocks that hold you back from being successful. Learn to focus your intention on the things you want and find the path of least resistance to achieving them. Unleash your potential and experience a life of flowing abundance and effortless creation.

Success and Abundance Coach - Rachel Samuel
Boost your self confidence - Consult Coach Rachel Samuel

Self-confidence package

Do you feel heard at your work setting or your among family and friends? Does your voice and opinion feel like it matters? Do you know when and how to be heard? Do you feel good enough to be worthy to take up space in this world?

Rediscover yourself and fall in love with all of you. Learn to trust yourself and feel empowered in every aspect of your day-to-day life. Become comfortable shinning in your authenticity and develop confidence in knowing who you truly are.

Valuing your body

Are you happy with the way you look and feel? Do you have health issues that stop you from living a full life? Have you felt incapable of changing these things about yourself?

When an illness overcomes our body, it is often a sign of years of neglect. Things like weight issues, substance dependency, eating disorders and poor self-image are all indicators that you need to improve your relationship with your body. Learn how to listen to your body’s needs and how to treat it with love and respect.


Do you feel confident with where you are heading in life? Or do you often find yourself lost and unsure of the next steps you should take? Does it feel like you’re not doing something that matters or excites you?

Discover your unique abilities, gifts, and talents and how these are the keys to creating a joyful life filled with unlimited opportunities and meaning. Remember who you are, re-connect to the purpose that speaks to your heart and know you are always guided throughout this journey.

Compatible life-partner

What kind of partner do you want to attract? How do you want your relationship with your significant other to change or improve? Do you know what if feels like to be with a compatible person?

Open space to allow your compatible soul partner to come into your life so you are able to grow and evolve together. Work on self-love so you can allow support from the universe and openly receive what is yours with joy.

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